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Our Mission


Our Mission

Esther Care Services aims to provide a first-class management service and flexible care operations, supporting an enjoyable and independent lifestyle, enabling people to live independently in their home setting with the right assistance.

Our Values

- Focusing on our Customers
- Valuing and Developing our People
- Keeping it Simple
- Delivering on Our Promises
- Striving for Success

Our Commitment

Esther Care Services is committed to following through on the commitment and delivering the best domiciliary care experience possible. At the heart of our operation is a policy of regular consultation with Service users, a policy that we believe helps build trust between ourselves and our Service users. Our approach to management also helps provide the reassurance and peace of mind that is important, not only to the Service users but also their friends and family, that their loved ones are in good hands. We will:

- Manage our Service Users care to the best of our ability
- Acknowledge the right of the individual with the needs to access the community
- Be honest in all our communication and contact with the people who use our services
- Treat all Service Users with fairness, respect and dignity
- Communicate with all Service Users in an appropriate and timely way
- Introduce ourselves and make sure that the Service User settles with their carer
- Seek the people’s opinion and feedback regarding the service we provide you
- If a question or complaint is raised, we will follow it through
- Not to keep people waiting without an explanation
- Do our best to arrange extra support, if needed
- Use plain English and avoid ‘Red Tape’.

Our Philosophy of Care

Esther Care Services’ philosophy of care is set out as follows:

- Privacy and Confidentiality
- Dignity and Respect
- Independence
- Security
- Civil Rights
- Choice
- Fulfilment
- Diversity
- High Standard of Care
- Equal Opportunities
- Promoting Communication
- Commitment to Staff